List of Different Flowers for Container Gardens

Lily of the Nile
Even the dwarf size, Peter Pan, is ideal for smaller containers.

These perennials are an autumn favorite.

Asparagus Fern
This asparagus sprouts red berries and needs to come inside during cold winters.

Bird of Paradise
Bird of paradise needs feedings throughout the year, but you’ll receive an abundance of color in return.

You can divide daylilies easily to grow new plants.

African Daisy
African daisy resembles the common daisy and needs only a shallow holder.

Begonia does well in hanging baskets.

Ground Ivy
Ground ivy has small green leaves edged with white.

Lantana flowers can change color as the flowers mature.

These are popular summer flowers.

Black-eyed Susan
These flowers are about two-inches in diameter.

Zinnias boast a variety of colors and types.

Iceland Poppy
Iceland poppies fare well with pansies as companions.

Marigolds come in shades of yellow and orange and mix well with other annuals.

Pansies/violas blossom early in the spring.

Dwarf Snapdragon
These snapdragons don’t necessarily do well in bouquets since stems only are about a foot long.

The Christmas Rose hellebore blooms in the winter, though other varieties appear in springtime.

Lamb’s Ear
Lamb’s ear, an evergreen, has silvery hairs on its leaves.

Rock Jasmine
Rock jasmine flowers in May or June, and bodes well in rock gardens.

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